How to Connect With Your Photography Clients With Six Easy Steps

Posted on June 10, 2016 By

How do I connect with my clients? This question has been asked of us many times, and to be quite honest there is not one specific answer. The answer to this question is answered in a series of answers and actions.

First Connection:

Your first connection typically will be your contact method. This may be via your website through an online contact form, it may be via a specified email address, and/or a phone number. From there, the client will contact you asking about his or her inquiry of your photography services.

We actually prefer the online contact form method. With the online contact form method, you have open up opportunities to find out important facts from the client upon their first connection. For instance, our contact form is a series of questions asking their name, their preferred shoot date, location, and type of photography they are inquiring about. We also give the client a fill in the blank area on the form asking them to tell us a little more. In this section the client will typically tell us important information like how many people, if it’s a special occasion, and other fun little tidbits of information they feel is important.

Second Connection:

Your second connection will be when you reply to your client. This may be when you answer the phone or reply to their email. When answering the phone, try to sound excited and upbeat about their photography shoot or event they are contacting you about. Ask all of the important questions that would be on your online contact form. We typically will try to have them follow up with email, simply because for us it’s easier to keep track of important moments and requests they might have. If you are responding with an email, the same thing applies.

Make sure your response is upbeat and full of excitement about their photography shoot or event. Ask them any other questions you may need to know. We also like to give them the chance to ask any other questions as well by simply replying with “please let me know if you have any other questions.”

Third Connection:

Great news if you’ve made it to your third connection with the client, that typically nine times out of ten means the client is ready to confirm their shoot or event with you. At this point you will be discussing things like their final costs, their exact time, and any other important facts that would apply to their photography experience with you. Keep in mind to always keep that original excitement and upbeat tone within your responses. We always like to make sure they know we are very excited to meet them and their family.

Fourth Connection:

Upon the forth connection, the client has confirmed the date and at this point in time you may or may not be discussing things like clothing options, or if it’s a wedding, you’ll want to talk about more details. We typically talk to our clients at this point as if they are friends. This down to earth one on one chats will make it much easier on not only your clients, but also on yourself the day of their photography shoot or event with you.

Final Connection:

Your final connection has finally arrived with your client or clients! No matter how experienced of a photographer you may be, this brief first moment of connection is always a bit awkward. Not to worry though, this will become comfortable for all within moments of talking, laughing, etc. Ask about them, how their day has been so far, typically small talk… it will help to relax them. We have found it also opens up their comfort level of them asking questions about us. After the shoot or event ends, say your goodbyes and make sure your client understands what comes next. This typically means how they go about getting their images from you. This may be on your website, on a disc, an online gallery, etc. Leave them with just as much excitement as you did upon their first connection with you.

Follow Up Connection:

We like to follow up with our clients with a blog of our favorite images and a little story about their day with us. This is a perfect way to keep that excitement, and personalized connection with your clients. The most important advice we can give you is all of the above, it truly takes all of the above to make that special connection between you and your clients.

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