6 Tips to Take the Perfect Picture

Posted on June 10, 2016 By

Everyone loves admiring at a stunning picture and is often amazed at the brilliance of the photographer. What most people fail to realize is that one day their pictures could hang in art galleries for others to admire. Photography is not that complicated as people make it out to be. Anyone who has access to a camera can become a photographer; whether it’s of professional level or not, that’s completely a new discussion after all.

So how do you take photos of professional quality?

• Think about the shot: Good photography isn’t about taking out your camera and clicking pictures randomly. You have to observe the subject first, which you are going to take pictures of. Visualize what you want to capture and then capture the image. This will give you an idea as to what lens to use, how much will be the shutter speed and what will be the focal length.

• Get the composition spot on: For achieving a truly stunning photograph, the composition should be perfect. You might have a great DSLR, but that’s not enough. In order to compose a photo, you have to decide the place from where you want to take the picture, the direction that you want to point your lens at and when to fire the shutter.

• Check your camera setting: Whether you are using a high-end DSLR or just a basic camera, you need to check its setting before shooting anything. Every landscape or object is different, and you have to set your camera accordingly. It’s best to manually set your camera rather than depend on presets.

• Set the Aperture: Aperture undoubtedly is one of the most important elements of photography. Whether you want the focus simply on the object or include the background as well will depend on what value of aperture you set on your camera.

• Use shutter speed: Shutter controls how much longer the lens is exposed to the light. If the object is in motion, setting the shutter speed appropriately is imperative.

• Get the white balance: With a change in climatic temperature, the light also changes. Precisely for this reason, you have to manage the white balance of your camera whether it’s sunny, cloudy or at night.

If you are serious about photography, you have to dedicate yourself to it 100%. Keep on taking snaps until you perfect the art. Yes, the first few pictures will not come out very great; that’s normal. Don’t be discouraged by it. Just put in more effort and if possible get some help from an expert photographer.