5 Tips for Beautiful Fall Foliage Photos

Posted on October 20, 2016 By

Fall foliage inspires just about everyone to break out a camera and document the landscape. The amazing colors and comfortable temperatures make it a perfect time to go out into the world in search of the perfect shot. While anyone can snap a photo of foliage, however, it is rather difficult to get that perfect shot. The following are a few tips that can help you to catch the foliage in a unique and wonderful way.

Scout Different Locations

The best way to find an amazing landscape is to look at a lot of them. Fall foliage may be everywhere, but rustic buildings, serene streams, jagged mountain bluffs, and of course people can all add elements that will help to differentiate your photographs. There is something to be said for the path less traveled when it comes to foliage, you may be more likely to capture something different if you stray from the foliage spots that are frequently toured.

Seek the Perfect Lighting

By exploring throughout different days, you will get to play with different lighting. The bright, sunny days with blue skies tend to inspire more people to get out and snap photos, but it is actually the grey days that yield some of the best pictures. Sunset and sunrise will also shed more even lighting over an area, which may form a complementary backdrop to an already beautiful scene.

Use a Tripod

Carrying a tripod up difficult trails may be a hassle, but it can really be worth it when you get that perfect shot. A crisp photo will convey a wealth of detail that you may not be able to capture with the blurring that is so difficult to avoid in handheld shots. If you really want to get a dramatic photo of foliage, you may have even better luck if you mount a camera crane to your tripod and catch an aerial view. Some are very lightweight and fold up so that you will not have difficulty transporting them.

Switch Your Lenses

There is a misconception that the only worthy fall shots are of wide expanses. Zooming in and focusing on one aspect of a scene can help to change the photograph in delightful ways. You may pick up more detail or even create an entirely new way to look at the scene. Of course, you may still get some breathtaking expansive shots, so don’t narrow your focus too much.

Be Open minded

Some of the photographs that turn out to be the most haunting are the ones that veer slightly away from the cliché barrage of orange and red covered trees. Snap a little of everything, as you may find that some of the shots that seemed less interesting when you were overwhelmed by color actually evoke different feelings that separate those shots from the rest. Stay open to all the fall has to offer, not just the colorful leaves that come to mind when you think of the season.

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