3 Basics to Follow While Conducting Family Photo Shoots

Posted on March 10, 2016 By

We all have seen photographers making necessary arrangements to photograph couples on their weddings or for pre-wedding photo shoots. It is something common, and most photographers excel in this field as it is lucrative. With the right training, experience and equipment, they can accomplish great projects and ensure the fact that their clients are satisfied with the work that they do. Similarly, some photographers excel in photographing individuals or families and thus bringing out the real emotions in the photographs that they click.

Families often engage in a family photo shoot where the photographers often pick themes for them and make the shoot a story that can be conveyed through the photographs. The photographs convey the real emotions and the bond that the family shares and it takes a lot of effort on the photographer’s part to capture the emotions of each one of them at the same time and the frame. If you are a photographer who often conduct photo shoots for families or intend to start off with this genre, you could utilise the following basics to ensure that you perform the perfect shoot.

• Get close to each family member – As they have hired you to capture their photographs, it is essential for them to get comfortable with you. You could ask the family to come over to your studio, or you could go to their house for a cup of coffee and talk. You could present ideas and themes for a fun photo shoot and can listen to what they have to tell you about their plans. Thus, could help you understand what they think and how things can be designed.
• Lay out several options – While it is a family photo shoot, you could plan modern and quirky themes where they can wear special dresses. They may want the shoot to be formal if there are elders in the family, and, therefore, it is essential to present them with several options to choose from. You could also offer options for shooting outdoors or indoors and suggest particular places for doing so. According to their choice you can make further arrangements.

• Be patient with them – They are not professional models who would readily pose for you. There may be little children who may get cranky with the lights and the cameras, and therefore, you need to be patient with them. You need to invest a lot of your time to ensure you get to capture their best moments. You could make arrangements for refreshments, chocolates, toys, candies to make sure that the children are lured by them and settle down to allow you capture the perfect photographs.