Rain Photography, Learn the Best Ways to Compose Your Pictures

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Rain Photography“What if it rains?” This is a question that every professional and amateur photographer will hear eventually. We’re living in a golden age of photographic technology with photography possible under all kinds of circumstances and situations.

Rain can be subtle or it can be dramatic, but for photographers it gives a unique photographic opportunity that most people don’t understand until they see it in an image. Rain can seem like a scary proposition, but with a little preparation one can handle even the craziest of storms capturing amazing images. Let’s explore how.

Have a Raincoat for Your Camera

There are several options of protective camera gear. The real problem is whether you have it at the right time. It is always advisable to carry protective gear in your bag that is flexible and doesn’t take up too much space in your camera backpack so that you can have it every day.


A common co-incident with umbrellas is that “If you have them, you won’t need them! But if you leave them, you’ll wish you had them.” Umbrellas keep your subjects dry and happy,as


How to Improve the Quality of Your Photos

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Improve the Quality of Your PhotosAre you satisfied with the photos you take and place, or would you like to know how to take better photos, and place them more effectively in your photo book? I like my photos to be more than just “pretty pictures.” I like them to speak, to say something significant about the subject. The message can be enhanced or missed because of a range of aesthetic elements. For instance, some objects go well together, adding to their completeness and aesthetics, and some don’t. The juxtaposition of objects in a photo and photos on a page can produce effective synergy, but the wrong combination can spoil the effectiveness of each individual photo. I have put together the following tips that address some of these elements, in the hope that they will help you to improve the quality of your photos and their placement.

First of all your photo will say something about the subject, but what is it you want to say or show in your photo? Archaeological photography for instance should include some tools, or part of the site, so that when someone looks


Top 8 Photography Tips for Beginners

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Photography Tips for BeginnersLet’s be honest, everyone loves a well-taken picture. Be it landscapes, abstract, fashion or any other object, images transcend a feeling that few things can achieve. We all admire stunning pictures but have you wondered the work that goes behind it? Make no mistake; photography is by no means an easy feat. There are people who have been practicing it for years and still haven’t mastered it.

Starting out is the biggest obstacle in every creative field. If you can overcome it, you can achieve great things. For aspiring photographers out there, this article can be greatly influential.

So let’s discuss what tips beginners need to click stunning images:-

• Fill the frame: Far, distant subjects in an image don’t appeal to anyone. If you are capturing a subject, try to fill the frame with it. People will interpret it much better.

• Be quick: Suppose you are capturing a bird sitting on your porch; the bird won’t sit there all day posing and waiting for you to set up your camera. You have to be quick and spontaneous in such situation. Wait


5 Tips for Beautiful Fall Foliage Photos

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Fall foliage inspires just about everyone to break out a camera and document the landscape. The amazing colors and comfortable temperatures make it a perfect time to go out into the world in search of the perfect shot. While anyone can snap a photo of foliage, however, it is rather difficult to get that perfect shot. The following are a few tips that can help you to catch the foliage in a unique and wonderful way.

Scout Different Locations

The best way to find an amazing landscape is to look at a lot of them. Fall foliage may be everywhere, but rustic buildings, serene streams, jagged mountain bluffs, and of course people can all add elements that will help to differentiate your photographs. There is something to be said for the path less traveled when it comes to foliage, you may be more likely to capture something different if you stray from the foliage spots that are frequently toured.

Seek the Perfect Lighting

By exploring throughout different days, you will get to play with different lighting. The bright, sunny days with blue skies tend to inspire more people to get out and snap photos,

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The Various Benefits That One Can Receive From Photography Workshops

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The rewards of a Photography Workshop

While enrolling oneself in a workshop, one can reap several benefits once they are done with it. To name a few –

• Direct contact with the best in the field – This sort of thing is conducted by those who have expertise in Photography and are acclaimed people who have received accolades for their work. They know the details of the various fundamentals of Photography and how to bring life to any photograph. They are aware of the developments in photography as well as the various cameras and lenses that allow people to capture high-quality photographs.

• Visiting serene locales – These workshops include theoretical lessons as well as practical lessons in the form of outdoor trips. The trips include tours to places that contain a variety of locales that may be a subject of the photographer/participant. Depending on the choice of locales or the subject, one can accordingly make a choice in the place they intend to visit as the workshop organizers keep the options open in order to let their participants choose the subject on which they intend to enhance their skills.

• Being surprised


Share Your Photography Skills by Creating a Photography Portfolio Website

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Photography website

A Photography website enables to showcase your photography skills on an open platform. It acts as a medium to pull in more ‘internet addicted’ eyeballs. Nowadays, with the advanced technology making its mark in the industry, the majority of the people only recognize the language of technology alone. Identifying the existence of a brand has only become possible through the display of several websites. If the brand is not in the website league, then the brand goes out of the race. Same goes for showcasing talents and skills as well. You are known for your skill, and for people to know about your skill, you require a medium, and nothing beats the popularity and demand of websites in this jet age.

Why create Photography websites?

  • Photography websites have come up as a unique concept that enables in executing people’s ideas and thought processes, the ‘image’ way. Photography websites are essential as;
  • It enables the passion of photographers to get showcased worldwide.
  • These websites have ‘easy-to-use’ commands and controls, and the site gets ready within seconds.
  • These websites help in enhancing and beautifying photography business and the images specifically, from various dimensions.
  • The website acts as the front


Learn More About Photography!

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Photography can be defined as the art, science and practice of creating various durable images by recording the light and other types of electromagnetic radiation. This can be done either electronically by using an image sensor or it can be done chemically by using a very light sensitive material. An example of a light sensitive material is a photographic film. A lens is very commonly used to focus all the light that is emitted or reflected from the objects into a very real image or also a light sensitive surface that is present inside a camera.

Camera and its controls

Photography is typically done by using a good camera. There are many controls in a camera that are extremely useful in the long run. Some important controls are as below.


This is the position of an object that is viewed or also an adjustment of an optical device that is necessary in order to produce a very clear image. This can either be in focus or out of focus.


An aperture is an adjustment of the opening lens and it is measured by a number that is called the f-number.


6 Tips to Take the Perfect Picture

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Everyone loves admiring at a stunning picture and is often amazed at the brilliance of the photographer. What most people fail to realize is that one day their pictures could hang in art galleries for others to admire. Photography is not that complicated as people make it out to be. Anyone who has access to a camera can become a photographer; whether it’s of professional level or not, that’s completely a new discussion after all.

So how do you take photos of professional quality?

• Think about the shot: Good photography isn’t about taking out your camera and clicking pictures randomly. You have to observe the subject first, which you are going to take pictures of. Visualize what you want to capture and then capture the image. This will give you an idea as to what lens to use, how much will be the shutter speed and what will be the focal length.

• Get the composition spot on: For achieving a truly stunning photograph, the composition should be perfect. You might have a great DSLR, but that’s not enough. In order to compose a photo, you have to decide the place from where you


6 Tips to Follow Before Hiring a Photo Booth

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An image booth has evolved a great deal since its inception. It consists of a curtained booth that can accommodate people to take candid and playful pictures of themselves without being self-conscious. An image cabinet installation is something that is noticed in most weddings. It has replaced the concept of a photographer waiting for people to come and have an image clicked. People can simply get into the box, use props if required and get a photograph of themselves. The images are sometimes printed instantly letting the guests have a memento as a memory. Before setting it up at weddings, there are a few tips that one should keep in mind.

• Listing agencies that rent out photo booths – There are varied agencies in urban cities that have these boxes and provide them to people on rent. Special occasions such as weddings, parties, etc. have special demands for such boxes. Listing down the names of agencies can help people decide on the ones that are close to their vicinity.

• Comparing rates – While hiring these boxes, the agencies put out quotes along with the rates. These rates may include additional specifications such as picture


How to Connect With Your Photography Clients With Six Easy Steps

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How do I connect with my clients? This question has been asked of us many times, and to be quite honest there is not one specific answer. The answer to this question is answered in a series of answers and actions.

First Connection:

Your first connection typically will be your contact method. This may be via your website through an online contact form, it may be via a specified email address, and/or a phone number. From there, the client will contact you asking about his or her inquiry of your photography services.

We actually prefer the online contact form method. With the online contact form method, you have open up opportunities to find out important facts from the client upon their first connection. For instance, our contact form is a series of questions asking their name, their preferred shoot date, location, and type of photography they are inquiring about. We also give the client a fill in the blank area on the form asking them to tell us a little more. In this section the client will typically tell us important information like how many people, if it’s a special occasion, and other fun little

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Photoshop Tutorials, Image Masking

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Adobe’s Photoshop is by far the most used image editing application in the world, mainly because it offers extremely powerful editing tools at a minimum price. One of those very powerful editing tools is Image masking: a process that involves the removal of the background for a particular image. Thus, you can change the wall behind you with a beach in Miami, for example. And if done properly, no one will know the difference.

How it works

There are a lot of image masking techniques but the most well-known and used technique is called clipping path: using the Photoshop Pen Tool, expert users can take any object from a photo and make it a standalone object. You can then place that object in another image of your choice. Should the end results not be according to your wishes, remember that you can improve your image’s quality by adding filters or feather effects to smoothen its edges.

How it is done

By dragging the pen tool around the edges of the desired object, you create a selection. After said selection is completed all that remains is to cut the image and paste it into an

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Top 8 Requisites Every Photographer Must Adhere to

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n any walk of life, photography is an integral part of an individual’s lifestyle. Unlike a few decades ago, these days no event can be imagined without the presence of photographers because taking pictures at an event isn’t just a hobby anymore; it’s become a norm. Precisely for this reason, the quality of a photographer has really become important today.

Whatever event you are organizing, one of the first things that you ought to do is hire a professional photographer. Why? Because only photos will remind you of the glorious moments that you have lived through your life.

So once you are on the lookout for a professional to click your pictures, what are the qualities that you should look for in them?

• Great Portfolio: At the end of the day, work is all that matters. If the professional do not have a good portfolio of his previous work, they will lose a lot of credibility. Moreover, they should also have a positive client feedback.

• Additional effort: Anyone can click a picture but what professionals offer, amateurs cannot match. Professionals will always give that additional effort that is capable of

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How Many Mega-Pixels Is That

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A debate raged at the dawn of digital photography. At that time, we all knew digital lacked the fidelity of film, but the key question was – how much better is film (in terms of quality, not convenience), and how long will it take for advances in digital technology to make it as good or better? I’m writing this article as another year ends, and I just wondered where things stood today?

To a large extent, this question is no longer pondered. Digital has become commonplace, while film photography lingers in the hands of die-hard fans, camera collectors, and some professionals working with large formats. In regular life there appears to be a widespread acceptance that we have reached and passed the turning point, where digital exceeds the capabilities of film, and the dominance of the former is indisputable.

To answer “the question”, many commentators took a very academic approach, which sought comparable measures of sharpness of detail, and colour resolution.

For film, the number of lines per millimetre quantifies the image resolution. For digital sensors, it’s the number of pixels and their area. Film records the finest of details, which means it captures coarse


Photography in the New Era

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The Digital Camera was once a modern means of taking photographs. And you could use a USB cable to upload them to your PC/laptop. But now in the new era, there is a cooler way to photograph oneself. You have probably guessed it. Read on to find out what I talk about.

Remembering to take the digital camera whenever you are going to a party, get-together, function or a picnic seemed like a hassle to me. With so much to think about and prepare for these occasions, the camera was the first thing that used to slip off my mind and in vain, all those beautiful and memorable moments could not be captured by me. Nevertheless some of these could be retrieved from somebody else’s camera.

But now in the modern age, you no longer need to carry a camera with you. Your cell phone has everything you need. Taking a selfie with your cell phone is very much popular nowadays. I find it convenient too because it is something I will never forget to take along with my accessories but even if I do, that will only happen in rare cases. It is a part

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Advantages of The Panorama Stitching Services

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Haven’t you always wondered if wide-angle photos are a possibility? Well! There you go.. They certainly are. Image Stitching is a process in which photos of a regular size are stitched together to form a single wide-angle picture. This is often referred to as a panoramic image. Panoramic Images are put together in various ways like a horizontal image, a vertical image, a rectilinear image, a circular image and a full frame image. Although capturing the entire area in a single shot is difficult, it is not impossible. Realtors, Wildlife Photographers take advantage of the panoramic image to make their case.

A panoramic view empowers buyers to basically rotate and check the property providing a real life-like experience without having to visit the house. Nowadays people hardly go out anymore. Numerous e-commerce sites have enabled them to buy or do their shopping sitting at home. E-commerce sites have gone insane with the use panoramic images to display a 360- degree view of their products to convince the customers. With Panoramic images, e-commerce websites have been able to find customers on a large-scale and also have overcome the need to convince people with just one or 2 shots

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5 Simple Photoshop Image Editing Tips

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Adobe Photoshop is one of the most important computer programs of our times, which has made editing of photographs a simple procedure even for novices with a fair knowledge of computers. This program can be used to create images from scratch or to alter existing images.

Indeed Photoshop has become an industry standard as far as editing of photographs is concerned. Although you can become an expert in editing photographs by learning and working on the software, but adhering to some simple tips on Photoshop image editing can work wonders.

As you start Photoshop Image Editing, you need to choose the right tools. The selection tools work in different ways to select the complete image or its part. The selection tools include marquee, lasso, magic wand etc, which have to be chosen as per their need to perform cut, copy, edit, or retouching operations.

Cropping the photo

In most of the photos, even if they are well composed, you will find that there are some portions in it which you do not need. Hence the next step in Photoshop image editing is to remove the unwanted area of the photo, which can be easily

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The Need For A Good Wedding Photographer

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Being the most important day of one’s life, the wedding is also considered huge with beauty and perfection surrounding it. However, all this beauty and awesomeness does not come by itself. A lot of planning and organizing goes on behind the scenes. One of the most important but the most forgotten aspect of the wedding is the photography. Choosing the best photographer is either left to the last of forgotten completely. If the couple intends to make the wedding day the most memorable day of their existence then it is vital that they choose a professional photographer who knows what he is doing.

People usually prepare meticulously for the wedding and the only thing that is left for the last after all the preparation is the photography. It is easy to keep the photography business to the last if you are confident of the photographer and when they are professionals, but if you are choosing an amateur then it could turn out to be a tragedy leaving photography to the end. It is vital to be choosing professionals to take care of your photography needs because not all can capture emotions perfectly.

There are a lot


6 Essential Qualities of a Professional Photographer

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For many, photography is a hobby that they aspire to turn into a profession at some point of their lives. But the transition from a photography amateur who simply followed it as a hobby to a professional one is quite a huge one. You might have thought that photography is a very easy job where you just get to follow your passion. At times you may be wrong as it is a job that involves a lot of perseverance and hard work. But without doubt this one is very rewarding.

Qualities Of A Professional Photographer
As said earlier, everyone can be a frivolous shutter-bug but to pursue it as a profession is not a matter of joke. For this reason, you should always seek the following qualities if you don’t want to be disappointed and personify them to be successful in this field.

• Love for the art – If you love the work that you do, you will excel in it sooner or later. Passion for your profession is the primary attribute that can help you to succeed in any profession and photography is not an exception.
• Knowledge about work – The second step


4 Tips for Successfully Capture Any Event

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Needless to say, images are the biggest proof of our memories, and there’s probably no other medium through which we can relieve our memories long after they have faded from our brain. This is the reason why every person, be it young or old holds photographs of their cherished memories close to their hearts.

So what kinds of photography are there?

Well, you can’t actually specify just a handful of the genres that are available these days. With the progression of time, every photo artist has exploded their horizon. Some of the many types of genres available today are:

  • Event
  • Landscape
  • Model
  • Abstract
  • Sports

These are just a few examples of the several genres which is steadily growing as professionals are constantly looking for innovative ways to portray their art.

The demand for these professionals are huge these days because people have realised the fact that rather than capturing meaningless landscapes, it’s far more useful to capture events of importance.

But how can you make your event memorable?

Get the Right Photographer: You need somebody who takes extraordinary pictures, as well as who understands how to collaborate with individuals in the event space. Inquire as


3 Basics to Follow While Conducting Family Photo Shoots

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We all have seen photographers making necessary arrangements to photograph couples on their weddings or for pre-wedding photo shoots. It is something common, and most photographers excel in this field as it is lucrative. With the right training, experience and equipment, they can accomplish great projects and ensure the fact that their clients are satisfied with the work that they do. Similarly, some photographers excel in photographing individuals or families and thus bringing out the real emotions in the photographs that they click.

Families often engage in a family photo shoot where the photographers often pick themes for them and make the shoot a story that can be conveyed through the photographs. The photographs convey the real emotions and the bond that the family shares and it takes a lot of effort on the photographer’s part to capture the emotions of each one of them at the same time and the frame. If you are a photographer who often conduct photo shoots for families or intend to start off with this genre, you could utilise the following basics to ensure that you perform the perfect shoot.

• Get close to each family member – As they